Tips on How To Get Through the Holidays while Avoiding Family Conflict
March 6, 2022
Tips on How To Get Through the Holidays while Avoiding Family Conflict

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. , Nov. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hollywood’s most sought after psych is giving free advice during the holidays to help families struggling with conflict. “You may not like Uncle Joe’s jokes or your Mother-in-laws sarcastic comments, but there is a way to let peace reign”, said Dr. Sophy.

Dr. Charles Sophy is a Beverly Hills board-certified psychiatrist and ‘shrink to the stars’ with over 35 years of experience. Dr. Sophy is board certified in three clinical specialties: Adult Psychiatry, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, and Family Practice. His expertise and advice are highly sought-after by celebrities in Hollywood and around the country. Some of his previous celebrity clients include Paris Hilton, Mel B, Michael Jackson, Dr. Dre and as well as many other high-profile clients.

Dr. Sophy maintains a private practice in Beverly Hills and is a clinical instructor at the University of California, Los Angeles Neuro-Psychiatric Institute. He is also the Medical Director for the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), the nation’s largest Child Welfare System, where he has developed and over sought the medical and mental health systems for all children at risk of or entering the foster care system.

His book “Side-By-Side” introduces a revolutionary program to help mothers and daughters learn to navigate and resolve even their most volatile conflicts, taking their relationship to a new level of understanding, love, and respect.
“It is possible for Mothers and Daughters to learn to accept each other’s differences and embrace the good memories they can make during the holiday season”, said Dr. Sophy.

Most notably, Dr. Sophy often appears as an expert guest on “Dr. Phil”, where he is also a member of the advisory board. He’s been featured on shows like “Entertainment Tonight”, “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew”, “Larry King Live,” and “The Today Show”. Dr. Sophy is one of the most highly sought-after psychiatrists in Hollywood. Back in 2007, he was a trusted advisor to Paris Hilton, when she spent time in prison. He also advised Dr. Dre and his wife during their divorce case. When he’s not treating patients, the remainder of his time is spent lecturing across the country and guest appearing on many national TV shows and podcasts.

Throughout the month of November and December Dr. Sophy’s Internet following will be tuning in to his social media pages. His Instagram has a following of over 100k, where he often posts videos discussing his opinion about current events and takes questions from fans. His expert advice can also be viewed on where he serves as their Child Mental Health expert.

We did a Q&A with Dr. Sophy to learn a little more about him.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is to see the smile on the face and in the heart of someone I have truly helped and improved their quality of life. I have been very intuitive, all my life, sensing things and wanting to help people.

What’s the secret to getting to the core of people’s problems?

There is no true secret other than your own intuition as well as knowing yourself. You cannot identify anyone’s issues unless you’ve been able to identify your own and address them completely. Otherwise, it’s the blind leading the blind.

When/how did you start working with Dr. Phil?

I started working with Dr. Phil approximately 10 years ago. We started slow as we built our trust in friendship as well as our professional relationship. Over the last 10 years we have built a lot of trust and respect for each other. We have been fortunate enough to be in a position where we could combine skills and help millions and millions of people both in the studio and on air.

Do you have any big projects coming up?

Yes, I have several big projects around the corner. I am working with several production companies to develop a show in which I will address helping others, specifically families, as they deal with real life issues that have only ramped up since the pandemic.

I also have a book that will be coming out at the beginning of 2022. It will be published by Simon and Schuster, and it will focus on parenting from my perspective as the medical Director of the largest child welfare system in the country and working in a private practice that is riddled with wealth and confusion.

For Family advice during the holidays follow Dr. Sophy on all social media Dr. Sophy’s